Simple And Powerful Anti-Spam

The cloud-based anti-spam service that works with your current e-mail infrastructure.

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$0.36 per user and month!

World-Class Anti-Spam

Our email security system reduces spam, viruses and malware by over 99.9%. Keep your business safe from malicious email.

Instant Activation

Inumbo activates the moment you register your domain. If you control your own DNS, you're up and running in minutes.

High Availability

Fully redundant email, with 100% availability. We have servers all around the globe, and even uses two different TLDs.

State of the art anti-spam technologies

Feature Packed

We support IPv6, blocks phishing with DMARC, resolves with DNSSEC, and can do DKIM signing.


Are you a developer, integrator or provider? Use our APIs to manage your customer's domains.

Open Source

The control panel is an App Engine project, so that you can see what's going on, or even fork us.

Transaction Safe

Many are used to email disappearing in-transit; a result of poor spam filters. We reject or send DSNs.